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Humber River Shakespeare


The Board of Directors of Humber River Shakespeare and Artistic Director/Co-founder Kevin Hammond announced today that the company will be ceasing its operations, effective as of May 31, 2017.  Over the past nine years, the company has been bringing the magic of Shakespeare and live theatre to parks and green spaces located within the Humber River watershed and beyond; creating many wonderful friendships, moments, and memories along the way. For their tireless efforts in support of our mission, our immediate thanks must go to all the audience, the artists, the volunteers, community partners, individuals, and organizations who contributed their time, their resources, and - most importantly - their passion to this work. All of Humber River Shakespeare’s achievements over these past nine years were due in every single way to your support, and for this we remain truly grateful. 
Both the Artistic Director and the board profoundly regret this decision for its impact on our supporters, audience, artists, and communities. Unfortunately, the company could simply not continue to produce the same quality of work under ever-increasing expenditures related to the operations of a seasonal touring company. As with any arts organization, there is a great deal of sweat equity poured into its long-term sustainability, and life circumstances for members have changed in such a way as to make this situation no longer tenable. While several options for remaining active were investigated, it was ultimately considered by the board that none of these options were sufficient to fulfil our mandate of providing high-quality theatre to those communities we are committed to serving. 
Humber River Shakespeare began as a little company, started by a small group of friends committed to a vision of bringing entertainment and joy to communities connected to the Humber River.  The company grew year after year, expanding its outreach and programming beyond the summer season, and well beyond the banks of the Humber to include numerous other communities across southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. For much of this, Humber River Shakespeare owes an enormous debt of thanks to Sara Moyle, co-founder, artist, producer, and visionary who for seven years acted as the driving force behind this company. And to all of you who welcomed us into your local parks and your homes - who for year after year turned up in the heat and the rain to share in the magic of theatre - we thank you most. We will miss you all. 
Martha Krzic                  Kevin Hammond
Board President            Producing Artistic Director